✨ Don't Miss the First ACJR Meetup ✨

We Start Today at 5 PM EST (22:00 UTC)

What was it like to report on the Internet during dial-up? Before browsers existed? 

The Association of Cryptocurrency Journalists and Researchers (ACJR) will explore this very question at its first-ever member meetup today at 5pm EST.

Our featured speaker will be veteran journalist Josh Quittner, co-founder of Decrypt, who will be joined by moderator and CoinDesk managing editor Zack Seward

Join us as we dive deep into tales from early internet reporting, sharing essential lessons for cryptocurrency reporters of today.

‘A Reporter's Notebook, From Web 1.0 To Web 3’ will cover the:

  • Challenge of covering emerging technologies 

  • Paths for career advancement from beat technology reporting

  • Techniques and tricks that can be adopted by ambitious storytellers.

Bring your best questions!